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MyMaria – A Dream Bodysuit

MyMaria – A Dream Bodysuit

MyMaria – A Dream Bodysuit

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This is not just any bodysuit; this is adream bodysuit! Black with gold tones, long sleeves and a super sexy back – itfits you perfectly! Don’t doubt it. Dream, awake, and make it happen. Allowyourself to feel truly powerful, because you are.

Can be used as a bathing suit 

GLITTER LUREX, LYCRA, 7% elastane / 13% polyester / 80% polished


When at the edge of darkness, try to shine. MyMariarepresents power, mystery, courage and the strength to accept and face defeat.They point the finger at you because you took a wrong turn once. A mistake is asin and a label for life. A simple word can destroy your essence in seconds andmake you your own enemy. In a blink of an eye, you turn into something you arenot – you forget your essence and become a product of misconceptions and socialnorms. When we start doubting ourselves, we lose all our confidence. Bury thepast, make the present, envision the future.Dream, awake, and make it happen.


 Yesterday I dressed mine (for a change I forgot to take a photo 🤦🏻‍♀️) and LOVED it !!! Wears super as well as everyone, super comfortable and the opening at the bottom is very good !! 👏🏼😍
The next one will be the golden one 🙈🤣😘❤️ I will soon be in the 7th 🤣

Ana Luisa

I loved it, thanks! The fabric is anything!


Olá, já recebi o body, é só maravilhoso!! Fiquei tão apaixonada que estou a pensar comprar mais um. Amei mesmo!

Joana Faria

A colecção é incrivel e a qualidade é mesmo espectacular. Há muitas marcas portuguesas, sim, mas muitas não passam de boas fotografias. Quando chega à qualidade... Vou recomendar muito e ficar cliente 😁

Rita Avelar

Without a doubt the best delivery and customer service. I love the brand! My favorite model is the one-shoulder body! 

Filipa Fernandes

I'm in love with this body 😍😍


Fits like a glove again 😍

Catarina Oliveira

Super happy 🤩😍🙏🏼 I loved it! Super comfortable I'll buy the same pink / gold


Oh man I love bodys !! Since always!! There is no more comfortable piece !! Oh man I love bodys !! Since always!! There is no more comfortable piece !!

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