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About Maria.bodyline

I write my own story!

Maria.bodyline is a love letter that I wrote to myself and to all women who seek the best that lies within them. It comes from a faraway land in which there is beauty, justice, and respect. I get inspiration from the qualities I see in just, authentic and bold women that surround me – whether they are relatives, friends or just acquaintances. Maria.bodyline SPEAKS THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL WOMEN. This is what we stand for, the truth!

Maria.bodyline gives rise to a pure, authentic, confident and sensual woman. A woman that is audacious and steadfast in pursuit of her true self. A woman that has her mind free of all prejudice. A lively and fun-loving woman, owner of a pure heart and not worried about being perfect.

She wants to be happy. She’s not afraid of being different. She doesn’t let people tell her what she can or cannot do. She writes her own story! She has the strength to achieve what she wants: has control over her life and her body. She cherishes and preserves the beauty within her, and uses it knowing that she is unique. She dreams and believes. I dreamt, I persisted and believed that it was possible… now I am here, ready to shine. You are also ready to shine.

My bodysuits:

Are you looking for that special, unique and super comfortable bodysuit? Are the kind of person that doesn’t blindly follows every trend? Then you came to the right place! Maria.bodyline could be your best friend and she promises to spend a lifetime by your side, without letting you down. I want to give you the confidence and courage you need to face your fears and conquer your dreams. Are you a dreamer? So, let’s dream together! These are tight-fitting bodysuits with character. They have a seductive and versatile. This is a MUST-HAVE.

How about some tips? The bodysuit started off as lingerie and has turned into a day-to-day favourite – it makes any outfit look that little bit sexier. The options are infinite, and they can be worn either in summertime or winter. It’s a timeless and ultra-feminine collector’s item. Chic, yet casual and trendy! I love it! Maria.bodyline can accompany you to summer festivals, walkabouts, or even the office. You can wear it with jeans, shorts and skirts…you can create countless looks with Maria.bodyline. But there’s more… If you want to shine by the pool or on the beach, don’t look further.

My Story, your Story

Maria Furtado Cunha was getting ready for a birthday dinner. She was wearing a black bodysuit with three-quarter length sleeves and a low-cut back. This perfectly mundane scenario was the birthplace of a dream for this young woman back in 2013…

“I recall getting up that morning and all I could think about was having that bodysuit in my closet. I went to the mall, to a shop that sold lots of swimwear and the likes, but I couldn’t find anything like it”. At the time, while studying Architecture in Lisbon’s Lusíada University, Maria decided to challenge a friend of hers. “She also loves fashion and I talked to her about creating a Portuguese bodysuit brand. But we just left it at that.” After graduating, the girl from the island of Madeira packed her bags and made her way to New York all by herself. She would stay there for 4 months. “I went back home for Christmas in 2014. I arrived with a new perspective and convinced that we should fight for what makes us happy. I finally decided to create my own brand and that bodysuit I had fantasized about back in my room.” Talented at drawing from an early age, Maria filled a notebook she had brought back from the States with hundreds of sketches. She covered her bedroom walls with these drawings and called over her friends to help her decide which ones to go with.

“I started making my bodysuits with a seamstress in Lisbon and then found a studio in Oporto.” On the 17th of June, 2015, she officially unveiled Maria.bodyline to the world.

The new collection was released at a time that was to become a turning point for Maria.bodyline. A personal situation in Maria’s life forced her to return to Madeira from 2017 to 2018 during which she had to take a break from the brand. But then: “it was Maria.bodyline that was the dream and the reason to keep fighting. Some traumas remained, but after a trip to Guinnea-Bissau I decided to return to Lisbon and focus on my future.” She did many odd jobs to get by, from tuk-tuk driver to selling popular kitchen robots until she could get the brand back on its feet.

“The new collection has various bodysuits that represent my life. Some are inspired by my sister or friends, but now I decided to tell my own story.” In the new collection you will find, for example, “MyMaria” – the 1st of all my bodysuits, now reinvented.

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